265,000 sq. ft. Future-Proof Smart Building Purpose-Built to House Multidisciplinary Workforce Training Schools

Currently at 25 Van Zant Street, Norwalk, CT

Telecom and technology availability

Seamless and Secure Access To 3 Fiber Bandwidth Providers With Redundant Connections

Each Carrier Offers T1 – Gigabit Bandwidth Capacity

Tenants Can Seamlessly Connect To The Carrier Of Choice

Secure Conduit Space Available For Tenants

In-Building Horizontal and Vertical Fiber Distribution Communications Closets and Riser Space Can Be Secured and Controlled

Cable-Provided Bandwidth and Cable TV Availability

The Building Owner Is Pleased To Provide an In-House Telecom and Technology Expert Consultant For Coordination With Tenants At No Cost

Coming Soon to 25 Van Zant Street, Norwalk ,CT

Telecom and technology availability

Ensuring that the America can compete and thrive today and tomorrow means having a workforce ready and prepared with the skills and know-how to tackle challenges that are anticipated and that are inevitably emerging in a quickly changing environment.

The Building Will Have a Smartphone App That Knows Each Worker’s Preferences For Temperature and Adjust the Rooms as They Move Throughout The Building

Energy Efficiency Provided By Smart Lighting Can Automatically Adjust To the Presence of Individuals

Direct Tenants and Guests To Various Locations Such as Conference Rooms and Meetings In Progress

Remote Building Management and Monitoring of All Entrances and Exits & First Responder Network

Direct Visitor and Tenant To Available Parking Spaces

Tenants Can Have Individual Control Over Their Lighting,
Electrical Use and HVAC