NORWALK, Conn. (06855), November 2, 2022 –

A consistently trained workforce has always been at the heart of progress. With the recent opening of the new Workforce Training Center in East Norwalk, these goals can be further expanded and fulfilled.

The newly launched Workforce Training Center facility was once a hat factory. In fact, Norwalk’s own Mayor Harry Rilling worked there back in the day. It only makes sense that today its 265,000 future-proof facility is again ready for use and adaptation by trade and business schools, companies on the move, and the local entrepreneur.

Mayor Harry Rilling issued a public statement: “We are proud that Winthrop Baum, a longstanding property owner in Norwalk, recognizes the importance of workforce development training. Through his commitment to opening up the Workforce Training Center in our community, which will provide a variety of vocational education opportunities, he is investing in our local workforce and economy.”

Located at 25 Van Zant St, Norwalk, the Workforce Training Center has been zoned as such, and houses a new ice cream manufacturer, new adult day care facility, artesian water bottling company, youth business initiative, music performance space, very large photography studio, symphonic orchestra and shared space creator. Other schools could center around automotive/EV, welding, nursing, plumbing, paralegal, even cannabis.

“Our mission has always been to follow the original intent of the building. We’ve gone through major renovations to get to this point, and we’re excited to show the unique characteristics of our building, inside and out”, says Winthrop Baum, Developer.

Tours of this unique building are available.

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